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Vision/Mission Statement

Providing all girls with a safe place, skill development and self-esteem building that leads to the road of success, to make better life choices to realize their full potential in life.

“OTS” Option To Success is dedicated to providing troubled adolescent girls with an alternative living environment. Our home offers a structured environment designed to develop positive social skills and social competence, foster moral skills and development which are related to reducing risk taking Behavior& Promoting academic success as well as healthy interpersonal relationships to become self-sufficient or family reunification.



We create better outcomes for those we serve through a culture of support and development for our team members. We provide person-centered,integrated services dedicated to improving lives. We embrace and use evidence based treatment model to create options to success.



Creating an atmosphere of loving care; valuing the worth and dignity of all who benefit from, or work at Option To Success (OTS)


Embracing the whole health for all who serve or served by the Option To Success (OTS);connecting staff, residents ,clients and families to care and services needed to nurture the mind, body and spirit


Instilling confidence, independence and trust in staff, children,and families that Option To Success (OTS) serve to cultivate strength and resilience .



Striving to ensure that our efforts tomorrow are better than they are today.Options  To Success Is Accredited by CARF which is evidence that Option To Success (OTS) strives to improve efficiency,fiscal health, and service delivery–creating a foundation for consumer satisfaction.


OTS program operates on a behavioral level system. Residents are able to earn their privileges and assume higher levels of responsibility commensurate with their progress on targeted behavior and treatment issues. Resident care staff work night-awake shifts staffing the home 24 hours a day. The treatment program has a strong independent living component; residents take turns helping plan meals, shopping for groceries, preparing and cleaning up after meals, and planning weekly recreation activities. Adolescents will attend a local community school and a school liaison maintains close contact with each resident’s teachers. Residents are encouraged to apply for and hold after-school jobs in the community, when appropriate. Discharge planning begins at admission with particular attention paid to the individual’s current and projected levels of functioning, her support system and her concerns. The ultimate goal of treatment is to discharge the resident to a less restrictive level of care are family reunification when appropriate. Upon graduation of the OTS program lives of young girls will be transformed and options will be created for Success.


Residential Treatment :

Option To Success (OTS) provides a range of residential services and treatments for youth who are unable to remain in the care of their families. Currently , Option to Success can accommodate 12 residents at a time.

Our Residents are all given individual treatment plans, including one on one treatment and group therapy.  Beyond  treatment, our residents attend school, go on outings , share household chores. They live life just like any other kid.

The next step may mean being reunited with their family  or another family member. What ever happens , life goes on beyond their stay at Option To Success (OTS) .

Individual, Group and Family Therapy

Individual Therapy Focus’s on self reflection process on an individuals emotions and behaviors

Group Therapy Focus’s on Social Confidence ,better communication skills, and  Improving Relationships

Family Therapy Focus’s on Building healthy Interactions between families.

Targeted Case Management & Intensive Therapy Services

Services can be performed in the home, at school or in office . Services may include family therapy, individual therapy,individual group therapy or collateral therapy. Treatments are created by child, the therapist and supportive people in child’s life.


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Peer Support

Empowers children,familes and young adults to achieve their hopes, dreams and goals by connecting them with their recovery journey.

Aftercare Services

Provides supervision to help support youth reintegrate safely and successfully.

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Person Centered Care

Option To Success

What it means to Option to Success…A person-centered, strength-based approach is about self-determination, treating people with respect and dignity, and working together to transform the lives of young girls and options will be created for Success.

Goal #1    Run at full capacity 12 beds.

Goal #2    Upon graduation of the OTS program lives of young girls will be transformed and options will be created for Success.

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