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We are committed to supporting young girls, young women and their families while they learn the skills, they need to manage their mental health. . Contact our program to speak with an admission staff to find the care that’s right for yourself or you child.

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At Option To Success Inc., we are committed to empowering individuals, families, and communities on their journey to mental health and overall well-being. Our mission is to provide comprehensive and compassionate mental health services that foster growth, resilience, and personal fulfillment.
"When you choose Option To Success Inc., you're taking a significant step toward a brighter and healthier future."
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We provided mental health services through Kentucky
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3218 Virginia Ave Louisville Ky 40211
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Residential Outpatient 3155 Commerce Center Louisville Ky 40211

Our Services

Individual, Group and Family Therapy
Individual Therapy Focus’s on self reflection process on an individuals emotions and behaviors Group Therapy Focus’s on Social Confidence ,better communication skills, and Improving Relationships Family Therapy Focus’s on Building healthy Interactions between families.
Targeted Case Management & Intensive Therapy Services
Services can be performed in the home, at school or in office . Services may include family therapy, individual therapy,individual group therapy or collateral therapy. Treatments are created by child, the therapist and supportive people in child’s life.
Aftercare Services
Aftercare services refer to the ongoing support and assistance provided to individuals who have completed a specific program, treatment, or intervention, such as rehabilitation, therapy, or medical treatment. The goal of aftercare services is to help individuals transition back to their daily lives successfully and maintain positive outcomes from the initial program.

Our Staff

Executive Leadership
Kristy Flippins Bartlett
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Jaqueeta Warfield
Chief Executive Officer
Clinical Operations
Sierra Synnestvedt
Clinical Director

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"Option To Success Inc. transformed my life! Their caring team and personalized therapy helped me grow and succeed. I'm grateful for the support and recommend them highly!"

Isabelle Graham

Business Owner

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