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Our Services

Individual, Group and Family Therapy
Individual Therapy Focus’s on self reflection process on an individuals emotions and behaviors Group Therapy Focus’s on Social Confidence ,better communication skills, and Improving Relationships Family Therapy Focus’s on Building healthy Interactions between families.
Targeted Case Management & Intensive Therapy Services
Services can be performed in the home, at school or in office . Services may include family therapy, individual therapy,individual group therapy or collateral therapy. Treatments are created by child, the therapist and supportive people in child’s life.
Aftercare Services
Aftercare services refer to the ongoing support and assistance provided to individuals who have completed a specific program, treatment, or intervention, such as rehabilitation, therapy, or medical treatment. The goal of aftercare services is to help individuals transition back to their daily lives successfully and maintain positive outcomes from the initial program.
Therapy Case Management and Intensive Therapy Services
Therapy case management is a collaborative and coordinated approach to mental health care that aims to ensure individuals receive comprehensive and appropriate therapeutic services. It involves a mental health professional, often a case manager or therapist, who serves as a central point of contact and support for the client.
Day Treatment Program
Day Treatment Program therapeutic support to youth who struggle with symptoms of ADHD, Depression, ODD, Mood Instability, etc. The Interventions employed by our staff will reinforce positive behaviors while reducing self-defeating ideologies and maladaptive responses to structure by implementing and teaching age-appropriate coping mechanisms.
Girl Dad
GIRL DAD Support Groups for fathers with Daughters that gives fathers a safe space for fathers to engage on the importance of the father/daughter relationships
Homeless to Homes (H2H)
This is an apartment-based rapid rehousing program for homeless families with some income, but not enough to pay full rent. Participants lease an apartment in their own name and start paying 30% of their income toward rent while Option to Success Transitional housing subsidizes the rest. These families work an intensive plan of care with the primary goal being permanent housing upon completion of the program.
Mommy & Me
MOMMY & ME Single parent therapeutic support group with a focus on Parenting Finances and Emotional and Therapeutic report.
Residential Treatment
Providing all girls with a safe place, skill development and self-esteem building that leads to the road of success to make better life choices to realize their full potential in life. ‘OTS’ Option to Success is dedicated to providing troubled adolescent girls with an alternative living environment. Our home offers a structured environment designed to develop positive social skills and social competence, foster moral skills and development which are related to reducing risk taking Behavior &Promoting academic success as well as healthy interpersonal relationships to become self-sufficient or family reunification.

Why Choose Us?

We create better outcomes for those we serve through a culture of support and development for our team members. We provide person-centered,integrated services dedicated to improving lives. We embrace and use evidence based treatment model to create options to success.


Compassion Creating an atmosphere of loving care; valuing the worth and dignity of all who benefit from, or work at Option To Success (OTS)


Embracing the whole health for all who serve or served by the Option To Success (OTS);connecting staff, residents ,clients and families to care and services needed to nurture the mind, body and spirit


Instilling confidence, independence and trust in staff, children,and families that Option To Success (OTS) serve to cultivate strength and resilience .

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What Our Client Says

"Option To Success Inc. transformed my life! Their caring team and personalized therapy helped me grow and succeed. I'm grateful for the support and recommend them highly!"

Isabelle Graham

Business Owner